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Car Vs. Wild: The Game

To promote the new season of the TV series Car Vs. Wild on Discovery Channel, we created a digital campaign that revolves around an online arcade side-scrolling game entitled Car Vs. Wild: The Game.

Using Facebook Authentication, players sign into the game over a 6-week challenge that involves 3 stages of game-play with increasing levels of difficulty. The player will race a jeep, modelled after the jeep in the TV series, through a mountainous terrain in a time challenge while collecting various objects. Level 1 involves a relatively simple rocky terrain, while Level 2 features a rockier terrain with spewing rocks that slows down the drive and Level 3 has muddy sandpits that slows down the drive further. To make it interesting, new objects with different point systems are introduced into the game with every week.

Players are encouraged to post their scores to Facebook thus creating a viral effect to pull in other players into the game. They can also multiply their scrores simply by inviting their friends to the game. The game was designed to have weekly winners and an overall season winner.

Client: Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific
Year: 2014
Tags: campaign, Car, Digital, Game, illustration, Wild
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