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Culture and Disability

Presented by ASEF Culture360, a new report by Jordi Balta Portoles titled Culture & Disability: Policies & Practices in Asia and Europe focuses on existing legislation, policies, programmes and projects in the field of culture and disability in the countries that are part of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).

The design of the publication cover features universal disability access symbols forming a map of Asia and Europe, denoting the innovative policy measures and case studies in the field of arts and disability in the 2 regions. The design of the pages within features a flexible 3-column grid with pull-quotes to enable the essential topics to be quickly read. The page numbers are halfed at the edges of each facing page, typographically alluding to the topic of disability.

The report was first presented at the 16th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights: Persons with Disabilities and Human Rights (8-10 November 2016, Beijing, China), co-organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF); Raoul Wallenberg Institute (nominated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden); Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, France; Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland and hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People’s Republic of China.

You can download the full report here.

Client: Asia-Europe Foundation
Year: 2016
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