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Curious Creatures @ ACM

As part of Light to Night Festival 2018, we were warmly invited by Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM) to create an installation that will draw visitor interest to the collection at ACM. From small figurines of humans straddling on horses to magnificent lions, phoenixes and dragons immortalised in porcelain, the whimsical collection at ACM enlivens our imagination to create Curious Creatures of our own. Poking into corners and peeping through vents; Inquisitive little explorers uncovering myths at every bend.

The installation was a medley of acrylic sculptures created by geometric designs that glowed with embedded LED lights. Further to the installation, a variation of the sculptures were created as illustrations to be projected on the facade of the ACM and the Victoria Concert Hall. A series of workshops were also held for the public to create their own curious creatures from geometric shapes.

Client: Asian Civilisation Museum
Year: 2018
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