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What distinct us from others? How do we decide? On what do we base our assumptions on? And, perhaps more importantly, how successful have we been living within such categories?

These are some of the questions that D/VISION, a conceptual design collaboration between fFurious and Hooked Clothings, sought to explore in an exhibition entitled “Class”. Within, the were 10 classifications of Anatomy, Drugs, Education, Military, Music, Nature, Occupation, Race, Religion and Sex.

The back-to-basics experience explored hand-crafted design and production techniques involving silkscreen printing. Graphic design, illustration, fashion design and applied handiwork infused current affairs with interpretations of each topic to determine the elements that surfaced on each design.

This resulted in a series of limited edition hand-printed t-shirts, skateboard decks, canvases and photography for purchase. The shirts were individually handmade and unique in its quirks and character and were packed in a hand-made package that included cloth badges and a hand-printed pouch. An exhibition t-shirt was also designed in collaboration with Asylum, based on a special category of Relations.Â

The exhibition was held from 9 to 15 November 2005 at the Asylum Gallery at Ann Siang Hill.

The exhibition microsite, which includes the opening night photos, can be viewed here.

Client: D/VISION
Year: 2005
Tags: Class, D/VISION, print
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