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Deep Soul Brotha

The last Late Nite for the year at Esplanade features Syed Ahmad, member of indie legends, The Stoned Revivals, drummer of the wonderfully eccentric Tiramisu, and leader of the massive percussion ensemble, Bloco Singapura.

The multi-instrumentalist is also a music director, songsmith, composer, music researcher and teacher all rolled into one sexy being.

Designed by fFurious with photography by Little Ong, the flyer for Syed Ahmad is Deep Soul Brotha evokes the porntastic 70s for this one-night only performance.

Get your tickets here, and spend a smooth evening with Syed Ahmad as he brings together soulful rhapsodies, deep grooves and afro Brazilian beats in new and unreleased works at Esplanade.

Client: The Esplanade Co
Year: 2014
Tags: Brotha, Deep, Flyer, print, Soul
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