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fFurious Namecards 2015

What started out as an idea to move away from the monochrome tones of our past two series of business cards, became more than just an injection of playful design and brilliant colours.

It transformed into a statement on collaboration, with the juxtaposition of the lower and upper cases of our initials to form new shapes, just as how good alliances can create beauty and wonder.

These new cards of ours are printed with the colours of gold, emerald, ultramarine, salmon and silver, on a heavy 380g stock of Curious Matter Andina Grey from Antalis SEA, a paper with a coating of tiny upcycled potato pulp that lends a wonderful tactile feel.

Client: fFurious
Year: 2015
Tags: 2015, fFurious, identity, Namecards, print
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