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Flying Circus Project Platform 03

The Flying Circus Project (FCP) is a major programme exploring Asian expression in the 21st Century. This multi-disciplinary, long-termed research and development programme in theatre, dance, music, visual arts, film and ritual has continued since 1996.

The edition of 2009/2010 was themed Superintense, which presented a marathon of personal strategies of creativity in the urban context. From one morning to the next, all the FCP artists will have an hour each to present their work to a public audience. It can take the form of a talk, a lecture-demonstration, a performance, slides, a video, a DJ session, a workshop, a discussion. Without a break, all the artists relentlessly articulate their practice, communicating an insight to the myriad ways of inhabiting, dissolving, thinking, making, living, destroying, rejuvenating.

Within a custom designed folder, individual translucent paper sheets are printed with event information, artists details and photos of the works. When stacked, they form new compositions and combine in a hyper summation of the multitude of presentation formats and topics.

Client: TheatreWorks
Year: 2009
Tags: 03, Circus, Flying, Folder, Platform, print, Project
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