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Killer Sounds

Up till the mid 80s, the norm for most local bands was to excel at the best cover versions of popular songs, so witnessing the majority of bands playing original tunes at the seminal Alternative Pop gig at the Singapore Botanic Gardens was simply mind-blowing.

Organized by BigO magazine, the 1988 gig was part of the Festival Fringe of the Singapore Festival of the Arts with a lineup that consisted of Aftermath, Calcutta Blues Experiment, Corporate Toil, Joe Love & The Hoodlum Circus,The NoNames, The Oddfellows, Opposition Party and Razor’s Edge. Many of these bands would go on to influence and inspire future generations of indie bands in Singapore.

This was the first time that we discovered the Singapore underground music scene which has led to much wonderful memories through the years. When Kult Gallery briefed us to produce an artwork that would celebrate 80s music for their Power Records exhibition, we took the opportunity to commemorate that momentous event by designing this poster titled Killer Sounds.

Power Records was held at Kult Gallery for 6 weeks from 17 Sep till 31 Oct.

Client: fFurious
Year: 2016
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