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Visually inspired by the industrial beginnings of Rimowa, and emotionally motivated by the solitude of travel, we created Lorie, who just wants to be your companion. Lorie’s insatiable wanderlust takes after her namesake, a respected female explorer. If you are a traveller, Lorie’s home is wherever you are, and with her big googly eyes she asks, “Where will you take me?”

Lorie is made for The Art of Shopping, that celebrates the confluence of art and shopping, where retailers at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands donate items from their brands to Art Outreach Singapore, a local art education charity, for local artists to intervene.

These artful items were auctioned on August 18, 2013 with proceeds from the fundraiser going to the support of local artists and Art Outreach Singapore.

Lorie has been auctioned to Peng Loh, who has housed her befittingly at the lobby of his Wanderlust Hotel. Now she is in the comfort of the other creatures that we have created there.

Client: Art Outreach
Year: 2013
Tags: Lorie, Objects
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