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Lost Weekend

Indie pop band, Lost Weekend, makes “music for small lives in a big city”, which made us think of how the city can make us alone some of the time, and for others, all of the time. People go about their daily lives, passing one another every day, never knowing about the other’s existence nor figuring how connected they might just be. Some float on nonchalance. Others swim in melancholy. And more just walk on by. Alone, together.

The days that a music album is released in a typical jewel case or digipak is numbered as music is mostly downloaded nowadays, or if a CD is purchased, its very likely because of the packaging. Having a physical form to accompany an ultimately digital listen satisfies that need to own and hold and, if we’re so lucky, have the pleasure to admire an object of beauty. It could be a 12″ vinyl record housed in a gatefold sleeve or a pocket-sized plastic cassette tape, which all will now come with digital download codes.

So eschewing convention, the album is released via limited editions of t-shirts and popup cards. The t-shirt comes with a hangtag that contains a download code and similarly, the popup card includes one too. A poster was also designed for their launch gig at Singjazz Club on 2 August 2015. These 3 aspects are presented as a series of illustrations that would feature across their debut album release.

The self-tltled Lost Weekend debut album is also available for digital download and streaming at their Bandcamp. Go have a listen to this gorgeous record now.

Client: Lost Weekend
Year: 2015
Tags: Album, hangtag, illustration, Lost, Objects, Poster, print, tshirt, Weekend
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