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Rhodia No. 12 Project

The Rhodia No. 12 Project is a group exhibition that BooksActually curated. Individuals from various creative disciplines were invited to draw, write, paste objects, or cut-up-into-shreds — basically do whatever they desire, options from using it as a journal, or creating an artwork using the Rhodia No. 12 as their medium.

Our book, titled Here Comes That Feeling, involves a selection of photos that were hand-printed onto the pages using a carbon-transfer technique. Being that a book is a record of moments, the process reflects the journey that resulted in those moments and also gave it an ephemeral touch. Adding to the concept, the printed collaged cover was distressed and layered with a criss-cross of clear tape to toughen it.

The exhibition was held at BookActually (Singapore) in 2006 and at Kapok (Hong Kong) in 2007.

Client: fFurious
Year: 2006
Tags: 12, Booklet, print, Rhodia
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