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Sementara delves into the philosophies, daydreams, and cruical moments of strangers — all from different background, morals, and perspectives — throughout Singapore during its 50th anniversary.

Using the themes captured through intimate interviews, the film follows threads that lead back to certain universal truths-whether that’s trying to make ends meet, having or lacking an identity, believing or not believing in gods, gender and sexuality, love, sadness, and death.

As the Malay word ‘Sementara’ means transient, we wanted to convey that essence in the artwork. The concept was to provide a bird’s eye view in observance of the people living their everyday lives. The illustrated people specifically references the characters in the film and are suggestively shown to be in a continuous journey, with paths intersecting to symbolise their interconnectedness that makes up Singapore.

Sementara is a film by Joant Ubeda and co-directed by Shao Min Chew Chia. This is their first feature-length documentary that will make its premiere on November 29th at the Singapore International Film Festival – SGIFF.

Watch the trailer here.

Client: Joant Ubeda
Year: 2020
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