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Singapore Biennale 2013: If The World Changed

With the Singapore Biennale being the pivotal art event within the South East Asian region, the identity draws from this axial nature of the Biennale, placing Singapore in the centre of the orbit with artists from all over South East Asia responding and contributing to the event.

The logo takes the form of a wind vane, reflecting winds of change inspired by the title ‘If The World Changed’, and portraying the varying directions the participating artists have taken. The image of waterways and seas that have historically connected and ultimately built the South East Asian civilizations influenced the choice of Blue used in the logo. The character of the typeface is bold and dynamic, with subtle references to Asian rooftops seen in the arced edges of certain letters.

The design of the collaterals reflects the nature of the identity, drawing relations to wind direction, patterns and variability, in a cohesive entity.

Client: Affordable Art Fair
Year: 2013
Tags: 2013, Biennale, Changed, Collaterals, identity, If, print, singapore, World
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