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Speak Mandarin Campaign Comic Notebook

The nationwide Speak Mandarin Campaign has been helping to improve Singaporeans’ proficiency in using Mandarin in their daily lives since 1979. This year, the Promote Mandarin Council published a comic notebook, 我们这一家, that featured light-hearted and witty narratives revolving around Yan Yan and her parents, who are both effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin.

In their effort to encourage Yan Yan to use Mandarin with confidence, her parents make the effort to use Mandarin in their everyday communication with her, resulting in some hilarious and endearing moments.

We illustrated the comics, designed the notebook, and developed them as a series of digital banners for posting on social media. The books have since been distributed through schools in Singapore and at public events.

Find out more about the campaign here.

Client: National Heritage Board
Year: 2016
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