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Stereolab was a 300-capacity club with a full analog system that focused on House music and its sub-genres, while the connected Stereolounge is a pre-club party lounge. Occupying the same location, they provided a phenomenal party experience.

In branding the club, we created corresponding logos that used a classic font type with 2 lines that cut through horizontally, referencing the 2 lines that would be found on stereo audio jacks.

The namecard designs conveyed a minimalistic sophistication with the logo embossed, while the members card uses a transparent plastic cards printed with silver and brown to express the exclusivity. The coaster design featured a playful arrangement of the logo to create a lighter touch while drinking.

The Stereolounge website featured fullscreen digitised images that would load randomly in the background, with a dynamic menu that revealed the content in an accordian styled enclosure when a page is accessed.

Club promotional videos that we designed carried across the energy of the club events onto the club’s plasma screens.

Client: Stereolab
Year: 2009
Tags: branding, design, print, website
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