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The Orientalist Spirits

Evoking mystique and opulence, the design of the packaging for The Orientalist range of Origins Vodka, Dragon Whisky and Gunpowder Gin embody The Orient with the romance of Asian motifs and a line art style that hints at an enigmatic blueprint.

The Orientalist Spirits is the first truly Pan Asian craft spirits company that defines its range of premium spirits with only the highest quality base ingredients including the purest organic longan honey from South East Asia, Tibetan highland barley from mythical magical Shangri-La and more than 9 types of premium potatoes of specific varieties.

All their spirits are proofed with naturally filtered and purified spring water from the Sakurajima peninsula in Kagoshima, Japan, and distilled with a proprietary combination of traditional distillation methods as well as modern low temperature vacuum distillation to create better spirits.

Client: The Orientalist Spirits
Year: 2019
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