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The Twins

The Colorplan iconic range of premium coloured papers and boards was first created in 1972, inspired by the explosion of colour in popular culture, and now coveted by creatives and designers around the world.

Celebrating the launch of Colorplan in Southeast Asia, K+ and RJ Paper invited 50 local and international designers to contribute a design for the cover of each book that is fronted by 1 of the 50 colours.

We were designated the Lavender colour, which we based our design on the duality of Lavender, a shade of purple that is defined from the combination of blue and red, masculine and feminine, ying and yang. Symbolically, it is often used to show something is unique and invoking feelings of romance and nostalgia.

With that in mind, The Twins was created. Foil-stamped in metallic blue on 700gsm Colorplan Lavendar board, the tattoo-styled artwork features the skulls of Siamese twins, blessed with the power of the third eye, and yet consumed by the light and darkness of their existence.

The book is exhibited and on sale at K+, Scotts Square #03-11/12/13 from 7 October to 20 November 2016.

Client: Kplus
Year: 2016
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