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The Oddfellows – Logo

In the process of designing a logo for The Oddfellows, we considered how it would be used: stage backdrops, posters, social media, t-shirts, their upcoming new album, and of course to stand out in a crowded festival listing. As such, it must be bold and minimalist in design.

The band name originated from the REM song, Oddfellows Local 151, but as we also heard it from lead singer Patrick Chng, “we must be a bit odd to be doing this.” “This” being the band that was quite an anomaly back in 1988 when they formed.

So we studied the letterforms of the name and considered various options for making it appear “odd.” With 2 letter o’s, we figured the leading one must represent mainstream people, while the 2nd o, lost among the letters, should be the odd one ‑ but of place, not fitting in, but very much present among everyone.

Client: The Oddfellows
Year: 2020
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