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Tom Yum Pop Art

Tom Yum Kungfu, a modern Thai restaurant, started out as a single shop in 2008 that soon expanded into another unit next door due to it’s popularity. The newer wing features a collection of paintings from young Thai artists, vintage Thai movie posters and other Thai knick knacks that we curated from Bangkok for the interior decor to matched up to it’s quirky interior design.

The older unit recently went through a renovation of its interiors and needed fresh artworks to adorn a wall. We were sought to create a vibrant ambience for it, whereby we created 3 pop art canvases that evoked Andy Warhol’s style. These canvas artpieces featured two popular items of the restaurant which are the miniature Thai Fanta bottled drinks and Thai Tea.

Client: Tom Yum Kungfu
Year: 2012
Tags: art, illustration, Pop, Tom, Yum
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