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Tong Tong Friendship Store

The Tong Tong Friendship Store [彤彤友谊商店] sells delightfully decadent Chinese inspired fashion wares. Its founder and designer, Sheau Yun, set it up because of her mad love for Chinese material culture and as a bold experiment to study Chinese aesthetics and push its boundaries.

We designed the ecommerce website to match its quirky outlook with the inclusion of playful textile patterns and a vibrant scheme of happy colours that adds much joy to the user experience. We have also illustrated a series of 3 dreamy artworks that is featured on the home page to express the zany brand.

While the physical store is currently moving to a new location, its online shop is buzzing with the launch of the Tong Tong Mask, devised from their designer’s search for the perfect mask for these times. Intense research was made for fit, breathability, comfort, reusability and style, and created in adult and kid sizes.

Visit the website at and be sure to read about the considered thoughts behind the design of the masks in the Blog.

Client: Tong Tong
Year: 2015
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