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Vena Energy

When Vena Energy, the largest independent renewable energy company in the Asia-Pacific region, required rebranding, we took a fresh and crisp approach.

Vena is Latin for pulse, and we represented this pulse of nature in their logo. We constructed the organic blades of the logo using natural geometry and overlapped them like the turbine blades that can harvest the power of renewable energy. Each coloured blade represents solar, wind and hydro power.

The colour palette, typography and photography are aligned in a refreshing portrait of Vena Energy. The blue and green palette is representative of the natural sources of energy. The accompanying sans-serif font family is organic amidst its geometric forms. The fresh and approachable art direction for corporate imagery further establishes the tone for the brand.

These elements work together in the brand guide and corporate stationery to form a congenial brand image that sets the company apart in the renewable energy sector.

This project is in The Best Green Technology Branding Examples by DesignRush on their Best Designs Trends page.

Client: Vena Energy
Year: 2018
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