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X’Ho Website

Long-time collaborator and friend, the über-underground artist X’Ho needed an update on his digital presence. We crafted an identity that was darker, edgier and more in line with his current musical and artistic output. Littered with subtle and not-so-subtle national references, the website is a museum of him, his work and his hushed ‘rebellion’ in our island country.

Also, timed for its launch, was a promotional page for Lucifugous, his new album and collaboration with ARCN TEMPL, set for release in August of 2013. Described by ZIGGY magazine as a ‘black and grand spiritual force that gives vent to pain, anguish and eventual redemption’, we sought to paint that picture through its online visual identity.

View the website here.

Client: X Ho
Year: 2013
Tags: Digital, Ho, website, X
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