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Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz – Follywood

“A squeaky clean but prickly farce-ist regime: Follywood” needed its own face-ist national emblem of hot boobs, a crescent banana and lightning bolts, while a smattering of hot pink embraces the album design for Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz.

Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz is a reincarnation of the seminal 80s Singaporean indie rock band, Zircon Lounge, in electroclash mode. The band consisted of original members, X’Ho and Yeow, fronted by singer Sue-Sue Law, the alter-ego of DJ Suzanne Walker. The album also features guest artists including Chicks on Speed, Peter of Coil, MIA and remixes by Futon, Ashidiq & Kiat, Case and Eastward Project.

Client: Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz
Year: 2004
Tags: Album, Follywood, Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz
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