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72-13 is the home of TheatreWorks that is housed in a converted rice warehouse that is flexible enough to be a gallery, a cinema and even a theatre. It consists of 4 spaces that can be transformed for different uses.

The logo references the minimalism of the space by rendering the name simply in Helvetica. The travellator is used as a motif across their collaterals that proposes the space as a point of transference, where people enter with a thought and leave with a different mindset. It is also a unexpected modern icon that reflects the progressive nature of TheatreWorks’ activities.

For their opening back in 2005, we curated the opening event which consisted of installations by various creatives and musicians over 2 nights. And also designed a poster that was given away to guests; the design features a collage of photographs that were printed in 2 fluorescent colours of pink and green.

An invitation card with a concertina fold, printed in a single colour, opened up to reveal a juxtaposition of several illustrations of travellators that were embossed on the card. A series of magazine advertisements were also designed to publicise the opening of the centre.

The website design took on the concept as well, with an animated travellator that extended to infinity. Over the years, animated introductions were created as openers for the website. View the webstie at

Client: TheatreWorks
Year: 2005
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