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Avaneer – Forever Near

Vibing off power pop indie rockers Avaneer’s description as a voice for “the struggles of the everyday folk about love, politics and inner demons”, the design of the cover for their debut album, Forever Near, conveys their image like a camouflage pattern enveloping the landscape.

The band launched their album at Hood Bar and Cafe on Saturday 18 August 2017 where we worked out a backdrop for their stage. Along with the release, a series of graphics for their online presence on Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud and the online music stores were created.

The album illustration is further expanded to feature vignettes of every song in the digital booklet as well as the individual tracks on Bandcamp. Go stream and download the catchy numbers at Bandcamp. The album can also be found on iTunes, Spotify and CD Baby.

Client: Avaneer
Year: 2017
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