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Affordable Art Fair 2013

The Affordable Art Fair (AAF) is a well-travelled art fair, with over 15 being held in 10 different countries and more than $300 million worth of art purchased. Their aim has always been to make art affordable and accessible to everyone.

With that objective in mind, our campaign for 2013’s AAF was ‘Collect Your World’ – an appeal to the public to dream up their ideal world whatever it might be and personalize their own space with the art they love.

We were commissioned to develop the brand which involved the concept and photography of the brand image, collaterals that included invites, brochures, the fair catalogue and a children activity book, advertisements for press, bus and trains, as well as signage and environmental branding at the fair.

This year the Affordable Art Fair 2013 in Singapore saw 17,800 art lovers visiting and browsing the diverse selection of artworks available, exceeding last year’s visitorship of 16,000.

Client: Affordable Art Fair
Year: 2013
Tags: 2013, Advertisements, Affordable, art, brochure, Catalogue, Fair, identity, Press, print, signage
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