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Tiramisu Blue Hour Sessions

Initiated by Lomography Society International, the Blue Hour Sessions brings together bands and graphic artists to press special edition, limited release EPs, culminating in a series of monthly Blue Hour gigs and exhibitions at the Lomography Gallery Store.

Artists are given Lomography cameras and films, and paired with bands to create photos and designs that will surface as limited release EPs. Some artists like ourselves have even gone further to create music videos from the analog cameras.

The design of the EP was conceived by the llmitation of the usage of A4-size paper and inspired by the EP title of In Between The Folds that resulted format that was folded origami-style. Using different coloured paper, each order of the EP were handmade into a photocopied zine edition producing in one-of-a-kind versions.

Client: Lomography
Year: 2013
Tags: Blue, EP, Hour, print, Sessions, Tiramisu
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