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Esplanade-Baybeats 2022

The 3-day indie rock and alternative music festival, Baybeats, is back! Organized by Esplanade and held at various stages at the venue, the festival brings on the best of Singapore and Asia rock through a hybrid live and digital format this year.

We worked on the key visual for the festival that features an illustration of an imaginary rock band (we are calling them Baybeast!) in a dynamic arena with thumping speakers and spewing hellfire. The colour scheme of predominantly greens and purples reflects the energy and angst of the edgy youths that throng the gigs, while the band members are splashed up in vivid hues amongst the grungy scene. The key visual is further adapted to a poster, animation, social banners and onsite collaterals.

Rock out to Baybeats 2022 at the Esplanade from 28 to 30 Oct!

Client: The Esplanade Co Ltd
Year: 2022
Tags: 2022, baybeats, esplanade
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