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Singaporean Mandarin Database Buses

The Speak Mandarin Campaign was first launched in 1979 by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to encourage Singaporean Chinese to embrace the use of Mandarin in their daily lives, and enjoy an appreciation for Chinese culture.

The campaign tagline, 讲华语我也可以 (Speak Mandarin? Yes, I Can.), reminds us that learning and using Mandarin is a continuous effort, and inspires everyone to play active roles, and to make the process a fun and enjoyable one.

The campaign roves around Singapore on 3 eye-catching buses that highlight the colloquially unique Mandarin of Singapore that resulted from our rich heritage. The designs illustrate familiar street names with interesting origin stories with icons, patterns and friendly line-art illustrations depicted in bright colour schemes. QR codes lead to the Singapore Mandarin Database where you can learn more about the words and phrases.

Client: National Heritage Board (NHB)
Year: 2021
Tags: buses, campaign, database, mandarin, singapore, speak
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