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Brotzeit is a German concept casual dining restaurant that offers authentic German cuisine accompanied by famous German beers. Brotzeit is a typical Bavarian expression – “Brot” being German for bread and “Zeit” for time, referring to a cozy meal complemented by fresh beer.

We created a signature hand-drawn illustration that adorns the walls of each Brotzeit restaurant, with a concept of Bar Animals that takes a playful cue from the observation of happy drinkers.

Research was made to feature only animals that originate from Germany, with a background of German monuments, as well as Singapore buildings in the vicinity of the restaurants to give it a local flavour. A formula for making German beer, based on The Reinheitsgebot 1516 purity law, is also featured abstractly on the mural.

With each branch of Brotzeit opening up, new animals were introduced into the artwork; the 313@Somerset restaurant features the addition of a brown bear, giant german rabbit, tawny owl and eagle owl.

Client: Brotzeit
Year: 2010
Tags: Brotzeit, illustration, Spatial
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