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Code Deco

As a newly launched collection of artisanal perfumes, Code Deco introduces a variety of fragrances inspired by globetrotting travels, human emotions and music genres. From the exotic sand dunes of the Middle East to the floral charms of femininity to jazz that soothes the soul, Code Deco experiments with these subtle flavours to produce the most evocative scents.

We designed the identity for the brand, the packaging and the website, taking cues from the scientific nature of its alchemicL process. Hence, the brand name is treated as a partial palindrome, divided across the X-Y axis.

Code Deco is available in two packaging sets: Standard and Sampler. The standard set comes in specially designed box with embossed hot-stamped logo with 50ml bottle tucked comfortably inside. Every box comes with a description tag that details what the fragrance is about. The sampler set comes in a similar box but with six 3ml vials of any perfume combination. Each box comes with 6 description tags as well.

The perfumes are available on

Client: Code Deco
Year: 2013
Tags: Code, Deco, Digital, Packaging, print, website
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