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Connected Histories Shared Future

Connected Histories, Shared Future inspires a future in which Asia and Europe are equal partners. The exhibition looks ahead to a time when both regions appreciate each other’s importance and place in this world; where resources, spaces and ideas are shared as we overcome challenges to forge a cohesive future.

We worked with the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) to design this exhibition that celebrates 15 years of their efforts in connecting two diverse, yet vibrant and vital regions. An event identity that comprised a series of ribbons was created to communicate the interconnectivity, which was extended to the exhibition design, an accompanying website and collaterals that included a banner, poster and brochure.

The exhibition was designed to be portable, with the use of booth systems that eased setup and transportation, as it travelled to numerous locations in Singapore and eventually to Vientiane, Laos.

To provide a better reading experience, infographics were illustrated to enable statistical information to be easily digestible.

One of the aspects in the exhibition is a wishing station that incorporates wishes that visitors have for a future between Asia and Europe. The wishes are written on forms and tied to poles of the structure. This was inspired by the Japanese practice of Omikuji where blessings on strips of paper are tied to structures in Shinto and Buddhist shrines in Japan.

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Client: Asia-Europe Foundation
Year: 2012
Tags: banner, brochure, Connected, Digital, exhibition, Future, Histories, identity, illustration, Poster, print, Shared, Spatial, website
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