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Jewel Coffee Specialty Coffee Capsules II

The design of the Specialty Coffee Capsules for Jewel Coffee started from market research to differentiate their packaging from competing brands that sported utilitarian to illustrative boxes. Keeping in mind that attractive packaging has a way of triggering buyer impulse, especially with extraordinary brightly coloured designs, while succinct details persuade consumers better than information overload, the process resulted in a standout design of minimalist coloured blocks with an emphasis on information clarity.

As a celebrated brand among coffee connoisseurs in the Singapore cafe scene, the new retail reach of Jewel Coffee required a brand prominence in the thick of fans-to-be. As such, the placement of the logo at the very top of the boxes was a critical strategic factor. The design intent also explored the possibility of a product lineage from their existing freshly roasted coffee beans packaging. While the colours worked well for the beans, the capsule packaging necessitated an update to the base colours to increase the attraction.

The colours were then paired with complementary coloured foil on the product names to enhance their attractiveness and project a premium image. The typography retained the boldness of the brand style with new compact fonts selected to fit better with the portrait orientation of the box front. Vital information to coffee capsule buyers, such as the intensity of the coffee, taste profile and the coffee origins, were placed on the front to facilitate swift decision-making. Secondary considerations such as flavour notes and ingredients were placed on a side.

The series of 8 was rolled out in 2 series. The 1st consisted of single origins of Columbia, Brazil, Sumatra and Bold As Love – a blend of Brazil and Sumatra beans. The 2nd tranche featured a single origin El Salvador, with 3 blends of Crystal Ball, Dream Factory and Lightning Bolt. The entire range of Jewel Coffee Specialty Coffee Capsules is available at select physical and online retail stores, and by subscription via which comes with a coffee machine.

Client: Jewel Coffee
Year: 2020
Tags: coffee, coffee capsules, colours, design, jewel coffee, packaging design
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