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Komic Kartun Kampung

Komic Kartun Kampung is part of the ‘Lap-‘Lip Art Exhibition that was held from 8 Oct to 14 Nov 2010 at the Malay Heritage Centre. ‘Lap-‘Lip is conversational shorthand in Malay for lampu kelap-kelip – the twinkling, blinking lights adorning Malay-Muslim homes during the Hari Raya Puasa season.

As a playful take on this familiar sight, fFurious collaborated with interactive media artist, Ryf Zaini, to create an interactive installation that projects a series of animations on a side of the main building in Kampung Glam. The projections are activated by sensors around the compound.

The artwork was inspired by Malaysia’s most beloved cartoonist, Lat, whereby the jovial characters and scenarios rekindles the joyous Hari Raya atmosphere in an old Malay Kampong.

Client: Malay Heritage Centre
Year: 2010
Tags: Digital, illustration, Kampung, Kartun, Komic, Motion
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