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Lenovo Starter Kits

The Lenovo Starter Kits are 5 customised packages that each contain curated objects and a Lenovo laptop/tablet that pertain to a specific theme. The 5 themes were Design, Gastronomy, Journalism, Music and Photography.

We collaborated with We Are Social who had conceived the idea to work around a competition with the deserving winner winning one of these customised boxes with her/his name on it. The winner would then share their win on social media to generate traction with the hashtag #BuiltToExplore.

With the objects and phrases provided to us, we designed the form of the package, the internal compartmentalisation, the photographic treatment and created a whole range of illustrative typography. We would then manually silkscreen onto the boxes before folding them up and pack the items in. The boxes were huge and were the largest sizes that we have ever attempted to silkscreen. We completed them wiith many late nights, much pulled hairs and high blood pressure.

Client: Lenovo
Year: 2014
Tags: illustration, Kits, Lenovo, Motion, Objects, print, Starter
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