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Lien AID: Windows Of Hope

Lien AID is an international non-profit committed to resolving clean water and sanitation challenges for the rural poor in Asia. A roaming exhibition was conceptualised to support Lien AID in raising awareness and support for the organisation’s work. The exhibition, “Windows of Hope” enables the audience to peek into the work that Lien AID does to affect change and bring hope to villages with little access to clean water.

The exhibition engages the audience through photography and technology. The photos taken by Chris Cusick capture the nuances of life in rural villages and the importance of potable water for the communities. The immersive virtual reality headset transports viewers to the plains of the villages where they stand on the ground with Lien AID staff to understand how Lien AID assists the locals there. These ‘windows of hope’ are held by skeletal frames that echo huts on stilts commonly found in the rural villages of Southeast Asia.

We developed the campaign theme and identity, exhibition, collaterals and the 360° virtual reality video. The exhibition was showcased at the locations of participating partners such as Credit Suisse, Allen & Gledhill, Expedia, AECOM, ARUP, and ASEF.
Client: National Gallery Singapore
Year: 2018
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