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Typewriter What You’re Feeling Is Not Enough

7 years after their debut album, TypeWriter returns with a new 5-song EP “What You’re Feeling Is Not Enough”. The title is “about feelings – about the highs and lows of being alive… To question if we as individuals are feeling enough, as much as we should, as much as we could.”

We decided that the photography would have a sense of aloofness and suggestive of giving up. We roped in the inimitable Aiwei Foo to be the model of the series of photos shot by Little Ong. The art direction and design was purposefully kooky and playful with an offbeat palette of colours.

We handled art direction, photography and design for the vinyl record packaging, cover designs for 2 singles, a launch gig flyer, social media banners, and live projection for the gig.

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Client: TypeWriter
Year: 2017
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