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Little Red Dot – Kallang Wave

The National Archives of Singapore is one of our country’s chests of collective memories. To commemorate Singapore’s 50th anniversary in 2015, Supermama has opened up the archives to remember and reflect upon our nation’s history and heritage. A collection of 50 postcards, maps, building plans, textual records, and videos of old trades, have been retrieved from the archive for Singapore’s artists and designers to interact with, inquire about, and finally interpret. The archive’s materials are the beginnings of their creative journeys to design 50 porcelain spheres that each tell a story about Singapore and her past. – Justin Zhuang for Supermama.

We received an architectural plan of the old National Stadium which instantly reminded us of the Kallang Roar that emanated from the feverish pitch of the Malaysia Cup soccer matches there. The most fun thing that we did as the audience was to do the Kallang Wave, a celebratory movement that was created when one by one, we would stand to our feet to raise our hands up to effect a wave that would go around the stadium. In memory of that, our design is a symbolic representation of that action in simplified wave lines.

Supermama’s Little Red Dot collection is crafted and produced by Japanese craftsmen from Arita, a region known for a tradition porcelain making for over 400 years. The Little Red Dots, are $600 for a set of 3 of the same design, which will come with 3 sets of the booklets. It takes about 2-3 months to produce upon order from Supermama.

Client: Supermama
Year: 2015
Tags: Dot, illustration, Kallang, Little, Objects, Red, Wave
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