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There Are More Cars Than People In L.A.

For Kult issue #17, we were given a list of facts about the impact of cars on the world to choose from to illustrate. While we adore the gorgeous beaches of Los Angeles, we’ve also experienced the gnarly traffic there, so the fact we chose was ‘There are more cars than people in Los Angeles.’

Our illustration reimagines cars as people being absurdly human on an LA beach. There’s that car that gets in everyone’s way. And that hot car that you can’t stop drooling over. There’s also one easy-rider that’s just content to cruise on by.

As you might just like this as much as we do, we’ve made it into various sized wallpapers for you to download:

2560 x 1600 pxiPhone 5iPhone 6iPadApple Watch | Android

Client: Kult
Year: 2015
Tags: Cars, illustration, L.A, More, People, Wallpaper
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