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Micron Live Well, Live Safe

An instinctual safety culture is what Micron intends on fostering for all its team members so that everyone can go home safe every day. This is achieved through the multi-year program called Live Safe. Through the Live Safe program, Micron, along with its people leaders and team members, take part on a safety journey that focuses on active caring and the willingness to coach and be coached.

The Live Well, Live Safe campaign puts the focus on body wellness and mindfulness. A series of posters, banners, digital signages and infographics were created to help team members manage their well-being better. The campaign was created in English, Bahasa Melayu, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Japanese, and was deployed globally at all their sites in 17 countries.

Client: Micron Technology
Year: 2022
Services: Branding
Tags: campaign, live safe, live well, micron
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