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Rentokil Initial Supermom Baby Fair

As the global leader in commercial pest control and hygiene services, Rentokil Initial has a diverse suite of services and products that are featured in their booth at the Supermom Baby Fair.

Working within the 7 x 4 m space, we designed a back wall that consolidated the 3 focuses of pest, pathogens and pollutants with a singular image of a visibly healthy home. The 3 column design highlighted each pillar of interest while integrating a storage room for their product inventory.

As with any home, there are unseen dangers lurking beyond sight. To illustrate these, circles of magnified imagery are amplified with messaging to draw attention.

Double sided banners were designed to feature details to specific services, and products, which are displayed on branded island blocks.

Adding fun for the parent and children visitors to the fair, photo props of a mosquito hat, Rentokil shield and sword were created. Of course, we were first to enact scenes to battle that annoying pest!

The fair opened on Friday and will conclude on Sunday evening. Free entry at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands.

Client: Rentokil Initial
Tags: baby fair, initial, rentokil, supermom
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