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No Pantz

Riot grrrl band, No Pantz, hit us up to design their debut EP with a brief to represent their quirky character and feature a photocopied zine-style aesthethic. From a suggestion of using paste-up collage, the conversation with the band very quickly evolved to represent each member as a pet.

So there’s a cat for the cat auntie cum guitarist in the band, Natalie. A pug for bassist, Gracinia, because she’s got a thing for pugs. A rooster for the vocalist, Amanda. And a rabbit for the thumper drummer, Lennat. Their personality was set when the animal headed rock stars were perked up with googly eyes. A logo was also created using cut-n-paste letters from various magazines.

To lead up the release of the EP, a series of 4 web banners, each featuring a pet and lyrics from a song, were designed to be posted onto their Facebook days apart to build up hype.

Following the 3-song EP came a 6-track Remixed EP that had remixes from Tomgirl, Melina K, X’ Ho, Aaron T, The Analog Girl and Kiat. The cover design was then remixed with a different background which carried through to designs for their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

Listen to the band here.

Client: No Pantz
Year: 2015
Tags: Cover, EP, illustration, No, Pantz, print
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