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Singapore Design Week 2016

Engaged to conceptualise and develop the identity, branding and marketing communications for Singapore Design Week 2016, we thought of how our designscape is fantastically dreamt up by a collective of creative thinkers. Realised with whimsical illustrations that capture the colourful inspirations and wonders envisioned by our designers, it reflects Singapore’s design sector as vibrant with fresh ideas, collaborations and concepts.

Organised by the DesignSingapore Council, the annual Singapore Design Week returns with more than 110 local and international activities and events that span various design disciplines. The platform raises awareness of good design, deepen appreciation and understanding of as well as motivates design innovation to the design community, businesses and the general public. This year, the festival also celebrates the designation of Singapore as a UNESCO Creative City of Design.

Client: DesignSingapore Council
Year: 2016
Tags: 2016, design, identity, illustration, print, singapore, Week
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