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Notes To Myself

Read Carefully is a project curated by Kult whereby over 50 creative folks were invited to redesign the cover a book which has influenced them and shaped who they are today, so as to inspire you and get you to pick up a book.

Our book of choice is Notes To Myself by Hugh Prather, which has been inspiring, transcendental and affirming. Everyone should read this.

The book covers are exhibited in a five-part walking exhibition based around the historic district of Tiong Bahru in Singapore.

The poster can be now seen on page 76 of the latest issue of KULT magazine #11.

Locations: Flock CafePo Tea ToThe Orange ThimbleFlea & TreesCoq & Balls

Client: fFurious
Year: 2013
Tags: Book, Cover, Myself, Notes, print
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