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PLAYtime! Hello Yasmin

Esplanade’s PLAYtime! Hello Yasmin is an interactive children’s theatre directed by Ian Loy with the set and multimedia projections designed and produced by fFurious. We also animated a trailer to market the play.

Presented from 19 to 27 Feb 2014, Hello Yasmin inventively brought about the idea of growth through music, dance, theatre and participation to children from ages 2 to 4.

From plants that grow from seeds and become trees with flowers blossoming, to eggs that shake and hatch into chickens, the play never ceases to amaze, involve and educate.

Our illustrations were mixed with photography and animated for various scenes of the play, depicting the different stages of growth in nature. The animations were projected the floor and also on movable pyramid structures.

Client: The Esplanade Co
Year: 2014
Tags: Hello, illustration, Motion, PLAYtime, Yasmin
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