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Harley Davidson Hoxley

Hoxley rules the road with his psychedelic colours and laid-back attitude. A ‘skulls-and-bones’ bandana conceals his clairvoyant abilities. Through his many misadventures, Hoxley made a couple of wilder-than-thou buddies, who have found a home in his motley dyed hair. Befriend Hoxley for his impossibly cool attitude and an extra set of eyes for the road.

Bid for our hand-painted Harley Davidson ‘Hoxley’ Helmet here!

The charity fundraiser is in support of Art Outreach Singapore that provides free art appreciation programmes for local students.

Hoxley will be exhibited at the MotorClothes Store, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands till 2 Aug 2014.

Client: Art Outreach
Year: 2014
Tags: Davidson, Harley, Hoxley, illustration, Objects
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