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Pulse is a multi-sensory interactive art installation that presents an interpretation of life along the Singapore River. Using illustration, archival photography, motion graphics, music and sound design, the public were invited to explore 5 spaces within a temporary structure that was built with sensors embedded in the floor that triggered video and music. Objects along the way would also trigger sounds when interacted with. Like a pulsating heart fueled by the veins of the river, Pulse brings vibrancy and vitality to the city and its people.

Conceptualised and created by fFurious, the installation was made in collaboration with interactive artist, Ryf Zaini, who provided the techie electronics and gadgetry, and Kelvin Tan who made the wonderful music and sounds.

Pulse was presented as part of the Singapore River Festival 2010 and was situated at North Boat Quay, Singapore from 25 June – 3 July 2010.

Client: fFurious
Year: 2010
Tags: Digital, illustration, Installation, Pulse, Spatial
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