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raiSE Annual Report 2020-2021

The raiSE FY20 Annual Report goes online this year with a theme of “Stay United at raiSE” to commemorate the community spirit of the Social Enterprise ecosystem, the resilience of our Social Enterprises in the tumultuous year, and the collective impact of their efforts to rebuild our economy and community.

With a visual theme of a tree, the report documents how raiSE has weathered the storm together and branches out to share their strategic direction and plans, as they continue to raiSE support and awareness for Social Enterprises in Singapore in the years ahead.

Imbued with thematic colour schemes to define each section of the website, it is also designed with a clean and friendly iconography system to illustrate keypoints and segments, and infographics that makes perusing the report a pleasure.

View the website at

Client: raiSE
Year: 2021
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