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The Oddfellows – Up In The Clouds

The Oddfellows formed in 1987 and kickstarted the indie rock scene in Singapore. Amazingly, the band is still rocking it today! Over 30 years later, they’ve finally put together a best-of and claimed a spot on Spotify.

Up In The Clouds comes from the lyrics of one of their songs, Unity Song, and it’s certainly a breath of fresh air. The Best of The Oddfellows (For Now) compilation contains a great list of tunes that we would sing along to at their gigs and includes a surprisingly good number of never-released songs.

In 2015, we put out a retrospective exhibition on the history of Singapore Rock music as part of the SG50 celebrations and named it after their hit song, So Happy. And now, it just feels awesome to be able to do up the artwork for them, and it definitely felt good to pick up our brushes and squirt out the acrylic paints again to create this as well.

Check them out on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms and get your day rocking away!

Client: The Oddfellows
Year: 2021
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