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The Oddfellows – Silent Worlds

In creating the artworks for The Oddfellows albums and this single cover, we first looked back at their past releases to see how we could connect to their legacy. It has been 29 years since their last album, Carnival, was released but we felt that it was important to continue to add to the visual lineage.

There were 2 commonalities that we observed. The first was that there’s always a face that we have come to think that it’s a representation of the oddfellow; there was baby Elvis for Teenage Head, a clown for So Happy, and a sketchy dude for Carnival. Secondly, the cover art of every release had a specific art style from silkscreen pop art to marker doodles.

So we created a new oddfellow for the series of new releases, who showed a glimpse of himself in their best-of, Up In The Clouds, in acrylic paint on canvas.
The oddfellow carried on with the artwork for their rocking new single, Silent Worlds, where we progressed the art form further by introducing collages with acrylic paint in a mixed media treatment.

The iconography and energy of the artwork took cues from Kelvin Tan, the songwriter and singer of this first single, “I had been reading up a bit on a multi-dimensional universe, and the fact that there are realms out there we Wong have any idea of ‑ the fourth dimension, string theory and stuff like that. I wanted to write a song about not letting the virus get us down; to cut our losses, learn meaningful lessons from it, to roll with the punches, and to rise above all that.”

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Client: The Oddfellows
Year: 2021
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